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New Panels in the Heritage Area

All around the Heritage Area there are information panels which help our visitors to understand how the Limeworks functioned during its working life. These panels help to bring to life the various aspects that went into making quicklime and the people who worked in the Kilns, trams, narrow boats and quarries.

Some of the information panels are starting to show their age and are in need of updating. Additionally, a decision was taken to install a new panel by the car park Entrance Sculpture. The purpose of this panel is to explain and interpret the sculpture for our visitors.

Two other panels were in a poor condition and in need of replacement. The panel at Gill’s Pool had become illegible in places and no amount of cleaning could could bring it back to life! The panel at Black Bridge had faded and was scratched over most of its surface, it also had some very out of date information on it!

Shropshire Council kindly funded the replacement panels, all of which have now been put into position. Images of those panels are below.

The Entrance Sculpture Panel

The panel at Black Bridge

The panel at Gill’s Pool

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