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This education pack is designed to provide teachers of children in Key Stage 2 with all the necessary information and resources required to plan a successful visit and follow up activities in school.

When you download material you can freely edit it for use in teaching and learning.  It is assumed that you agree to the Terms and Conditions at the foot of this page.

If you are a Teacher, please help us keep this information up to date.

The Education Pack consists of the following sections, follow the link to download the relevant page.

Section 1 – General information for use when planning a theme

Section 2 – Suggested day visits

Section 3 – Information sheets for teachers and children

Section 4 – Activities for children including follow Up Activities – What did you learn?

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1A Introduction

A brief introduction to the Heritage Area and the Education materials.

1B Booking arrangements and charges

Administrative guidance for teachers wishing to arrange a visit

1C Risk Assessment Information

Advice for teachers responsible for completing a risk assessment prior to a visit

1D Background Notes for Teachers

Background reading for teachers to use before any visit or thematic study

1E Cross Curricular Links

Suggestions for cross curricular links with DT, Geography, History, Maths and Science

1F Cover Sheet

Suggested cover sheet if creating a document pack

1G Evaluation Form

A brief form for teachers to complete to provide feedback

1H Index of Resources

A list of all document for the Education Pack


2A Heritage Area Map

The map used by teachers and others visiting the Heritage Area

2B Suggested Day Visit (Guided)

(Note: Additional charge – please ask)

Advice for teachers taking part in a guided day visit to Llanymynech – History focus

2C Suggested Route and Commentary Cards

Guidance for teachers or guides leading children around the recommended route

2D Independent Visit – History Focus

Guidance for teachers leading a party without a guide, concentrating on History

2E Independent Visit – Geography Focus

Guidance for teachers leading a party without a guide, concentrating on Geography

2F Independent Visit – DT Focus

Guidance for teachers leading a party without a guide, concentrating on DT


3A Glossary of Terms

A list of most of the specific terms used in the Llanymynech Education Pack

3B Information Sheet – Factory Acts

Information about working conditions in the 19thcentury and the Factory Acts intended to improve matters

3C Working Conditions in the 19th Century

Information about working conditions in the 19thCentury at Llanymynech

3D Properties Of Limestone

Information for teachers suggesting opportunities for the teaching of Science (materials and their properties)

3E The Many Uses of Limestone and Lime

Information for children about the uses of limestone and lime with suggested activities

3F Photo Timeline

A photographic timeline to illustrate developments and events at Llanymynech from 1753 – 1965

3G Chronological Timeline

A written timeline showing major developments and events at Llanymynech from 1753 – 1965


4A Data – Comparing Kilns

Information and questions enabling children to compare different kilns

4B The Biography of Thomas Savin

Information for use as a guided read with suggested comprehension questions

4C Explosion at Cooper’s Rock

A description of the fatal explosion at Cooper’s Rock, requiring children to write a play script

4D The Inspector’s Report

An exercise asking children to make recommendations for improving safety at Llanymynech in the 19thcentury

4E Map comparison – 1887 and 1901

An exercise for children to interpret information provided by contemporary maps

4F Tally House Record (Imperial)

A data handling exercise using an original Tally House record, rewritten but still using tons & hundredweight

4G Tally House Record (Metric)

A data handling exercise using an original Tally House record, translated into metric measures

4H Calculating the Chimney Height

A worksheet guiding children or teachers through a practical mathematical task

4I Worksheets for use after visit to Llanymynech

A general collection of worksheets which can be used to recap information gained during a day visit

4J-1 Artefact Quiz

Children examine and identify artefacts in the Stables education room – for use during visit

4J-2 Artefact Quiz Pictures

Pictures to go with quiz

4J-3 Artefact Quiz Answers

Answers to go with quiz