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It is a sad fact that vandalism has been an issue at the Llanymynech Limeworks for some time.  The team of volunteers give up their own time to ensure that the area is kept in as good a condition as possible for our visitors, but a few idiots seem determined to ruin the site for everyone!

Please report any instances of vandalism that you see to the Shropshire Constabulary

The Llanymynech Heritage Area is a Scheduled Monument, so protected by Law.  The Hoffmann Kiln, Chimney and the Draw Kilns are all Grade II listed buildings.
Below you will find a list of incidents that have occurred since October 2018:
  • Wooden gate near Black Bridge, removed and stolen.
  • Information panel in English Drum House pulled off the wall.
  • Metal gates on English and Welsh inclines removed and thrown into the undergrowth.
  • Sheep missing (thought to be stolen).
  • Bricks in the wicket gate of the Hoffmann kiln knocked down and scattered everywhere.
  • Fires lit in the Hoffmann Kiln, with rubbish left including broken glass.
  • Stones thrown on top of the cover over the Hoffmann kiln.
  • Large stones thrown from the top of the two draw kilns onto the metal walkway.
  • Fence next to the stile on the Welsh incline knocked down by rolling a large tree stump down the hill. (see image 1)
  • Bricks knocked out of the wall in the Tally House. (see image 2)
  • Support beam on Tally House broken in two
  • Earth and stones pulled out from the roots of a tree on the bank near the Stables Block.  (This is potentially dangerous as the tree has been undermined and could fall causing injury).
  • Fire lit near the Office building.
  • Fire lit in the excavated area of the the Office building
  • Orienteering marker removed and intended for above fire
  • Stream behind Tally House diverted by building dams along its length
  • Fence knocked down by steps at Black Bridge (Near Montgomery Canal)
  • Grill removed from vent at Hoffmann Kiln (To make is easier for rubbish to be dumped there)
  • Pet gate removed from stile at top of English incline and thrown into undergrowth
  • Bricks smashed from the air vent near the metal statues at the Hoffmann Kiln (see image 3)
  • Notice board in car park knocked down

Image 1 – Fence Knocked Down

Image 2 – Bricks Knocked out of Tally House Wall

The latest incident at the Hoffmann Kiln


Image 3 – Bricks smashed from wall at Hoffmann Kiln

Please help us!

If you see anyone damaging the Heritage Area, Please Report them to the Shropshire Constabulary and let us know so that we can follow it up.