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Yellow Rattle:

This is parasitic on the grass roots, so where it grows abundantly, the grass grows less vigorously.  When the seed heads dry they rattle when you shake them.

Can you see it here among the brown ribwort plantains and buttercups?

Creeping buttercup

As its name suggests, it grows low on the ground and sends out runners. Not a gardener’s favourite!

Bulbous buttercup

Gets its names from bulbous roots but you can tell it by the sepals turned down below the petals.

Meadow Buttercup

Meadow buttercup

Common throughout the grassland areas.  It has thinner leaves than the Creeping buttercup and it grows taller. Sepals point upwards.

The Nettles are now in flower

As are grasses such as the Wood Millet




The tallest and sturdiest – the giant hogweed is over six foot

Cow parsley

Cow parsley

(Queen Anne’s Lace) is much lighter and more dainty



Sanicle is shorter, has little round balls of flowers and is only found in a few places.