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Local Nature Reserve

Shropshire Council, together with Natural England and the LLIMEYS are working towards the Heritage Area being declared a Local Nature Reserve (LNR).  Shropshire Council have put forward a consultation paper to Natural England, which has been accepted and fully supported.  The next step is for Shropshire Council to make arrangements for a formal declaration of the reserve. This can simply be the issuing of public notices or an event to celebrate the declaration, as more is known we will keep you informed.  

The aim is to protect the site and its habitats so that local wildlife and the community will be able to continue to use and enjoy the area for generations to come.

The quarry area of the Limeworks is already a Nature Reserve managed by Shropshire and Montgomeryshire Wildlife Trusts.  The LNR will focus on the lower area and will encompass the buildings, tramways, woods and meadows.

Management of the LNR will be the responsibility of Shropshire Council, who own the freehold for the site, but as a community, we will share the opportunity to help look after the site.

The area shown in red below is the proposed boundary of the LNR

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